Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Wulan Guritno hot pictures

wulan guritno
klik gambar untuk memperbesar
,if you want to she more just click The foto or Picture

Wulan guritno she is still have a beautifull face

wulan guritno

this picture are captured on kaskus the largest indonesian community
thanks kaskus

wulan guritno

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10 Tips For Making Extra Cash For The Holidays
By Amber M.
What do you do when you realize that you haven't planned well enough to splurge on Christmas? You find ways to make the extra cash you need for holiday spending. Below, you'll discover ten tips for making extra cash for the holidays.

1. Have a bake sale. You can rake in some great cash from a bake sale.

2. Sell your junk. Take it to a flea market or have a yard sale.

3. Pick up a second job before the holidays.

4. Sign up for overtime.

5. If you're an excellent marketer, find a new career online through affiliate marketing.

6. Pick up some odd jobs for Christmas. You can run an ad in your local newspaper and help others with their Christmas chores around the house.

7. Start a gift-buying service. Busy people don't have time to shop so you can help provide a service to a community that probably needs it!

8. Start a Christmas package wrap and delivery service. You can even do this from home.

9. If you have the ability to write, offer to write Christmas newsletters for customers who want to send out Christmas letters.

10. Finally, save your money and budget for gift giving.

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